Registration for the current Deeper Journey community is closed. Registrations for the next community which begins January 20, 2019 are being accepted.

Rockford, Illinois

Bishop Lane Retreat Center

7708 E. McGregor Rd.

Rockford, IL 61102



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Peter Kelder





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"The daily rhythms, the worship services, the silence and solitude, the teaching times, and the building of community made this experience life changing. I learned that God speaks love into my life in a myriad of ways. I just need to keep my ears, my eyes, and my heart open. I highly recommend this experience." ~ Beth 
"When I think about Deeper Journey, I am taking time away from the constant busyness of ministry to spend time with God. I learn tools to do this better and am given the gift of space to connect with God in a deeper way. I really enjoy the opportunity to be with a group of brothers and sisters in Christ who are committed to this same pursuit. I would encourage every pastor or ministry leader to take the opportunity to participate in Deeper Journey for the sake of your own soul and for all your congregations." ~ Roger 
"I've always carried these two pieces of advice with me in ministry: 'A pastor can't give what he doesn't have' and 'A leader can't take people where he hasn't gone himself'. I must do what I can to be open to the Spirit's nurture of my trust in the Lord if I am to bless others in doing the same. Deeper Journey gives me experiences with the Lord and with brothers and sisters in the Lord to grow my trust. We urge young and old in our church not to go through life alone. And so I encourage you not to go through ministry alone. Deeper Journey brings ministry leaders together outside of agendas and meetings and other pastoral duties, in order to strengthen our trust and fellowship with The Lord."  ~ John