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"Deeper Journey provides me with a regular recharge and jump to my battery of spiritual disciplines."   ~ Craig 

"God has used the Deeper Journey experience to give me a pattern of rest, some tools, and wonderful colleagues to walk with. I know in my head that resting from the routine of ministry is essential for renewal,  but in practice the tyranny of the urgent always took over. I am learning to pace myself, find balance, and love God even more because of the rhythm that is encouraged and practiced by Deeper Journey."   ~ Anson 

"Deeper Journey helped me appreciate the spiritual disciplines as an open invitation to spend time with my loving Heavenly Father."   ~ Kyle 

"God has used each retreat to reveal something new to me about His character, His purpose, and His love. The carefully crafted times of worship, teaching, and solitude have transformed my relationship with Jesus. I am truly thankful."    ~ Gail 

"I needed focused teaching on spiritual disciplines and then the opportunity of being away from ministry and life distractions to actually slow down and practice the disciplines. I have been given tools to use to still my racing thoughts and deeply reflect on being God's child. I believe that practicing a rhythm of Sabbath rest, continuing in spiritual practices, and stilling myself before God on a regular basis will deepen my trust in God and will help me minister to others with a secure confidence in God through ministry ups and downs. Every ministry leader can benefit from these extended retreats and the opportunities to practice the disciplines."   ~ Deb 

"My experience with the Deeper Journey has been a vital part of the 'sacred rhythm' of my life. I have been experiencing a time of transition in my life and ministry, and the Deeper Journey has been deeply refreshing and renewing. The times of teaching, sharing in small groups, silence, and worship have nourished my soul and encouraged my heart."  Steve 



 The Deeper Journey has consistently provided soul-nourishing time to unplug and draw near to God. The combination of solitude, hearty fellowship with fellow pilgrims, small group reflection and prayer, and moving times of worship has offered a sweet taste of God’s presence, power, truth, and grace to me, leaving me renewed to serve in his world. Neil

The Deeper Journey is my second two-year spiritual community experience and it’s been even richer than the first. The first helped me understand and appreciate the disciplines and rhythms. This experience allowed my heart to catch up with my head. I’m grateful.” ~ Scott

It's been wonderful to relate to these brothers and sisters in Christ not primarily as professional colleagues or as delegates to some Church Assembly or even as attenders at a conference or workshop but rather as fellow God-seekers who desire together to grow in communion with Him. In my experience, this kind of Fellowship has been all too rare, which makes finding it in the Deeper Journey very sweet indeed. David